The Project 

Our Initiative

The specific features of the Drink4life Initiative is the use of documentary and pictures to the tell the story of water deprived communities around the the world. By visiting these Communities, we learn the severity about the water problem that exist and strategize ways and means to help them out.


I. Ghana , May 2017
We started the first phase of this initiative by crisscrossing the length and breadth of Ghana, to interact with communities that are water-deprived. During these interactions, we learnt the negative impact, lack of potable water had on their Education, Social life and most importantly on their Health. We covered the three (3 )Northern, Central and Western Regions of Ghana.

II. Development of Documentary, Exhibition and Fund-raising
To help alleviate the plight that these communities that we visited face with water; Kukom Initiative through its Drink4life Water Initiative will produce a documentary of the current predicaments of the community members. Through the documentary, it has decided to raise funds to the equivalence of $50,000 to provide water for 4000+ people. This amount includes six (6) ultra-modern Boreholes, 4000 water filters to households, training of custodians.


Based on recommendations from stakeholders in the Water Sector in Ghana, some companies have been shortlisted to be considered for the construction of the boreholes as and when the funds are ready. We will be constructing it on rolling basis with the most deprived communities being considered first.


Altogether there will be having series of Fund-raising events in New York -USA, Barcelona-Spain, Accra-Ghana and on the Internet using our website and social media portals. Plans are underway to have Exhibitions, Documentary Screening and sale of paraphernalia to raise Funds.